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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Regarding My Templates....

Hiya everyone I just wanted to make a quick post about my templates I have been getting more emails and messages about my templates getting ripped off And how such n such's template is a rip off from mine etc and when I go check out these templates I am quite shocked really at how close they are to mine and other template makers I use my own ideas for my templates so please do not come along and take mine to make your own - you know who you are! If you can't use your own ideas to make your templates then maybe you should get outta designing I do not like making posts like this on my blog but I feel now it has to be said It has gotten to the point where I do not want to create anything - I mean what is the point if someone is just going to come along and rip my ideas?? So please do not use my templates as a base to create your own it just isn't right If it does carry on I will just name and shame on here Thank you for reading Hugs Missy xx


Anonymous said...

Thats why people ruin it for others. I wish people would smarten up. Kelly

~aqua said...

Awww Hun, I'm sorry this is happening to you! Hope this takes care of the problem! ♥♥

CoronaGurl said...

Shame on them!! Your templates are gorgeous and simply the best Missy...you can tell yours are made with love....keep up the good work! And to those copycats - Be Original, Don't Die a Copy. :)

Beth said...

aww, this does suck.. and i just don't think people could pass one of your templates off as their's.. yours are too good sweetie.. don't ever stop making them you are the best template maker i have ever seen, seriously!! its hard to come up with new ideas for templates, i know.. it takes alot of time to get ideas for new word art to go on them.... I can only wish that someday I will be as good as you!!♥ hugs to you Missy

αutumη said...

Well said Missy! I loved your blog cuz of the ORIGINALITY OF YOUR CREATIONS. Having your work copied so as to get credits for themselves,
tsk tsk... thats just "Shameful to the highest level.." totally not worth of admiration, not a bit.

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