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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Tag Templates 383-394 + Note re Tut Site!!

Hiya everyone ♥
I have finally sorted and zipped up my challenge templates lol These templates I make for a chally of mine over at my forum, I usually post these here when the chally has finished but haven't done so in a long time! LOL But here they are anyways!! Hope you like them :0) (Download link below) Also as some of you know I had finally opened my brand spanking new tut site only for it to go poof a few days later!! Funny...the weeks I was working on it, it was fine then put the link out everywhere and its gone - things that make ya go hmmmm lol Getting no-where at all with google!! I know for a fact there was nothing wrong with the site, nothing to warrant disabling it! Anyhows no clue what i'm doing now as regards to my tutorials but I defo won't set a site up at crappy google sites again!!! LOL I may get a blog for my tuts or just stick them at my forum still undecided. Kinda put off now working hard on the site for it to go poof and now I have to start all over again so yeah lacking motivation there LOL Will keep ya posted about my tuts anyways!! Hugs Missy ♥ ♥ Tag templates 383-394 download here


Nettis said...

THANX for THEM all.... GREAT work....

Corona Gurl said...

dont give up, we'll wait :)

Ladyisis said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful templates! :)

Mireia said...

thanks for all of them (a note: the 393 is not in the zip (: )

Magik said...

Thank you for the templates. =)

Deenie said...

Thank you for zipping up these templates :) They're always so awesome!

Queina said...

Hi, I love your templates, have all of them. But 393 is missing from this zip file.

Kelly said...

Thanks for these :)

yaya said...

thanks for share this templates

penny¢ said...

Thanks for sharing! Used Temp 389 in a tut here: http://venomouscreations.blogspot.com/2013/03/ftu-irish-green.html

Maria said...

Awesome templates Missy. Thank you.

Carole Rehbein said...

Lovely templates but it says the file is invalid?

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